Anubias Bonsai Plug

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  • Dimensions: 4-5cm lava stone
  • Model: ABP
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These little Anubias plugs are perfect for smaller aquariums (or hardscapes) where you want a plant in a certain area. They've been tied onto lava rock which means you can move them around so if you don't like where you've put them to begin with, you can simply move them. Easy as that.

If you wanted to place them in your existing hardscape, you pop them into the area you think they'll look best - as they're already tied on it means there's no further work for you and there's no fiddling around.

Summary: These little plugs are very user friendly - easy to grow with no work needed from you. Simply pop them where you like and wait for them to grow.

by Heather W. on 19/4/2020

Very happy with my purchase.

by Rebecca B. on 16/1/2019

The plant is good and looks very healthy but when it arrived it wasn’t attached to the rock. As a beginner I attempted this myself but this hasn’t been to successful as I noticed it came loose this morning. I’m sure with practice I’ll get it to stay but this was annoying.

by Paul G. on 14/1/2019

Plant arrived healthy and attached to lava stone as advertised

by Jose N. on 13/10/2018

Small plant - leaves lasted only a couple days on it .

by Sue H. on 6/4/2018

Lovely very healthy little plants very pleased with them, apart from the fact that one of them was not attached to the stone when they arrived, had considerable difficulty reattaching, but managed eventually

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