Anubias bonsai on Driftwood

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  • Dimensions: Approx 15x8cm
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Anubias bonsai on Bogwood has been grown to create a natural and appealing centre piece in the aquarium. Beautiful in every way, this compact plant decor would suit any tropical aquarium. For small and nano aquariums it is an ideal centre piece and for larger aquariums we recommend a few scattered about to create an natural and down to earth look and feel.

Helpful Tips:

  • Preferred water temperature is 20-28 degree.
  • Ideal water chemistry is pH 6-8.4.
  • Can be kept in a low to high light environment.
  • Suitable in both  CO2 and non CO2 tanks.

Please note each piece will vary in size and shape however the picture shows a 'typical' looking piece.

by John M. on 13/4/2020

Healthy wee plant on an interesting piece of shaped bogwood that looks great in my smallest tank. I am never disappointed with any of the plants ordered from Aqua Essentials

by Bernard D. on 10/4/2020

Beautiful piece in perfect condition, looks amazing in my tank.

by Steve C. on 5/2/2020

excellent additions to my tank excellent quality fast delivery growing well after only 7 days in the tank

by Janet W. on 6/12/2019

Lovely small Anubias, wood perfect size. Have tied my existing Anubias to the other end. One word of caution is to watch out for hitchhikers as I found a planaria the next day, may have been on this or other plant I received at same time.

by David C. on 6/7/2019

Lovely healthy plant on a nice bit of bogwood

by Michael W. on 3/12/2018

Nice plant. Very pleased.

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Does this plant need much light?

Not really - its happy in low light conditions

How long is the wood the Anubias is attached to?


Approx 15x8cm

Can it go in goldfish tank?


minimum temperature 20C

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