Anubias barteri var nana XL Pot (14cm)

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  • Dimensions: up to 30cm
  • Model: P2020120
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
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Originating from Cameroon the Anubias barteri var nana is a slow growing plant that has leaves that are different shades of green, from dark to light green in colour and have a waxy, shininess to them.

This small plant will thrive in most conditions and can be grown in a wide range of aquariums. To thrive best it needs to be tied to wood. A lily looking white flower will appear every so often and is a sign of a happy plant.

Arrives in a 14cm diameter pot.


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So this plant needs to be attached to a piece of wood and not planted in the soil ? Best advice for placing this plant in the tank please and is there much chance of it being eaten by the fish or snails ? Many thanks P


It's pretty big so you could leave it in its pot if you wanted to. In general most fish don't like eating anybiad so it's pretty safe in that respect but of course never a guarantee! 

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