Anubias barteri

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  • Dimensions: up to 30cm
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  • Origin: Africa
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Originating from Cameroon the Anubias barteri is a slow growing plant that has leaves that are different shades of green, from dark to light green in colour and have a waxy, shininess to them.

This small plant will thrive in most conditions and can be grown in a wide range of aquariums. To thrive best it needs to be tied to wood. A lily looking white flower will appear every so often and is a sign of a happy plant.

Plant information:

  • Type: Rhizomatous
  • Origin: Africa
  • Growth rate: Slow
  • Size: 5-15cm +

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by Jim S.
Pleased with this plant. Looks good in tank. Speedy delivery and well packed.

by Matthew W.
wanted a plant that the fish wouldn't chomp on, so far so good and lovely bright green leaves, really healthy too, happy tank and fish and customer!

by David D.
This a great addition to my tank came well packed

by Robert D.
The leaves looked good but the rhizome is a bit rotten. I am hopeful of it recovering but only time will tell. The other two plants I recieved were in good condition.

by john s.
very good quick delivery

by Anita H.
Great plants and amazing quality my Betta (fighting fish)loves it very happy with lots of places to hide underneath when He get annoyed with me taking way to much pictures and videos ????????thank you and don’t hesitate to buy more of it because you can’t have enough live plants in your aquarium ????very easy to care after it??Delighted with my purchase and going to buy more????bye bye ????

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watts per Lt


all anubias require very low lighting to thrive

Noted the above - I’m not sure of my Watts per litre figures but I have an LED lighting strip on my Jewel Trigon 190l tank. Would this plant still be ok or is my lighting likely to be too bright?


They do prefer low light so just keep the intensity moderate 

Can these be grown in a water based terrarium?



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