Anubias, Microsorum and Moss on Wood - Small

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  • Dimensions: 20-25cm(l) x 12cm(w) x 20cm(h) approximately
  • Model: p2020167
  • Origin: Cultivated
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This incredible piece of bogwood has a beautiful selection of Microsorium, Anubias Nana and Java Moss grown on it. This piece is about 20-30cm in length and incredible value for money.

Once placed in your aquarium, they become a real centre piece. The established plants give an aquarium an immediate maturity which is what makes them special. Very easy to keep and grow, these plants require little care and attention.

Please note each piece will vary in size and shape however the picture shows a 'typical' looking piece.

by John P. on 10/10/2019

Excellent product, a good size for a nano set up. The quality is undeniable.

by Lucas H. on 6/3/2018

Arrived in great condition, as part of our first foray into live plants within our small aquarium. Plant seems to be settling in well and even flowered recently.

by Nick W. on 3/7/2017

Arrived quickly, well packed and cool. Beautiful, quality plants

by Alan B. on 9/5/2017

Fabulous plants arrived quickly & in excellent condition delighted

by David H. on 24/3/2017

So impressed i bought another for one of the smaller tanks

by Robert Mourby on 26/9/2016

My first order from Aqua essentials, product arrived day after ordering,well packaged, protected, and fresh looking. All plants growing well on wood. Looks very good in my aquarium. I will certainly order more plants in the future.

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Hi I have a Biorb Flow and was looking for something like this to have as a stand alone centre piece. This piece will fit according to your dimensions, would you be able to hand pick a piece for me that would fit my aquarium, as it has a bubble tube in the centre, ie the piece needs to maybe curve in the centre like the pic shown to sit around the bubble tube. Thanks


We order this wood in to customer needs on the whole so we never know what is coming in. As your requirements are fairly specific, I recommend purchasing a piece of wood on the site which you like the shape of, then buying the appropriate plants and using Aqua Fine Line to tie them to it. This way you know you get what you want.

Hi, This product would be ideal for my cherry shrimp aquarium as it has the three plants that cherry shrimps love most. Will these plants flourish in a 30 litre aquarium with... -12 or more hours of light a day from an 11 watt lamp -No CO2 -No plant nutrients Thanks

It will be more than fine but you will need to add fertiliser to any aquarium which contains plants - otherwise you starve them. Use AE Design Aqua Nourish which is safe for use with shrimp.

Hi, Just wondering when the Anubias, Microsorium and Moss on Wood - Small will be back in stock? Thanks


More due this time next week :)

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