Anubias, Microsorum and Moss on Wood - Large

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  • Dimensions: Approx 30-45cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 25cm (H)
  • Model: p2020169
  • Origin: Cultivated
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These incredible pieces of bogwood have a beautiful selection of plants grown on them.

Very easy to keep and grow, these plants require little care and attention. As long as you provide some fertilisers and a water temperature of around 24 degrees, you will find these plants a breeze. Once placed in your aquarium, they become a real centre piece. The established plants give an aquarium an immediate maturity which is what makes them special.

This is a typical example however each piece will vary.

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Pricey, but very striking piece of living sculpture! The photo above doesn't do the piece I got justice. These are very individual items and vary greatly I would assume. Mine was very heavy and looks stunning with a very healthy mass of well attached plants. Lots of nooks and crannies for catfish, shrimp etc. I bought this along with five other pieces. Ordered Friday evening and they came Sunday dinner time. DPD delivered the box on it's side, despite a "this way up symbol" on the box! Good job it was very well packaged. All plants were in excellent health and well attached. I will have no problem ordering again and well recommended!

by Malcolm D.
Was more than impressed with the product when it arrived , the plants where healthy and it makes a great addition to my tank

by John Hendry
Instant impact! A very large beautifully planted piece of underwater sculpture. Ordered late on a Friday arrived extremely well packed on Monday am. Well done AE.

by Fraser Watkins
really impressed with what I received - looks very good in my tank and am considering buying another - well worth it.

by Russell Childs
Excellent!!! Great bit of wood and very healthy plants attached. looks amazing!!

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Hello, I am in the process of setting up a tmc signature 45cm cube, would one of these pieces be enough as a centre piece for this size of aquarium or should I buy other smaller pieces as well, also other planting around the aquarium as well


probably a smaller piece would be better if your tank is only 45cm wide

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