Alternathera reineckii Mini

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  • Origin: South America
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If you're looking for a smaller red plant, then you've landed on the right page. This is a smaller version of the well-known Alternanthera and is characterized by compact growth and a slower growth rate (an unusual combination). It is particularly suitable for small aquariums or as a foreground plant in larger aquascapes. By careful trimming you can create a dense, red-violet carpet approximately 5 to 15 cm high. High light intensity and addition of CO2 improves the plants growth and overall appearance. In the video, the plant was grown under intense red lighting and the results were quite impressive.

We advise to trim the stems every 2-3 weeks. In discus aquariums this South American plant adds a splash of colour when combined with sword plants.

by IAN D. on 17/3/2020

I may be being a little impatient, though the plant hasn't melted it isn't growing much either.

by John S. on 24/1/2020

Arrived in very good condition and is growing very well in my aquarium .

by Chris W. on 22/1/2020

Arrived quickly and well packed. Plant looks very healthy but not as red as I was hoping.

by Adrian K. on 16/12/2019

I recommend this seller, the plants came to me very quickly in very good condition

by Julie B. on 20/10/2019

Contrasts well with other plants in the tank. A lovely foreground plant that arrived in excellent condition and is growing well.

by Julie B. on 19/9/2019

This plant has made a great addition to the tank, love the colour and is growing well already.

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Hi, I brought 4 pots of these plants a beautiful red , I have noticed in two days leaves have become a lot paler, I have t5 lighting which is on for 8 hrs plus I use profito and easy carbo, could you give me some advice please thanks


that's very normal. If you want your plants to become more red, add pressurised CO2 and more lighting with fertilisers such as Neutro+

Every plant I want is sold out! Not a great site!


Sorry to hear that but if you let me know what plants you are after I can advise on timescales 

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