Alternanthera rosaefolia

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  • Dimensions: up to 50cm
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  • Origin: South America
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Originating from America the Alternanthera rosaefolia is a fine-looking small bushy, stem plant with sturdy red/purple stems and long, pointy attractive leaves.

These plants originate from South America and need plenty of light to develop the red/purple leaves. With the addition of CO2 this plant will grow readily to the surface. If there is a lack of micro nutrients this plant will suffer and the leaves will become pale in colour.

by Russell F. on 16/7/2019

Lovely condition when arrived but died off unfortunately, it's more likely down to me than anything, I seem to have not much luck with red plants even though I have strong lighting.

by Peter O. on 21/4/2019

Great product excellent condition great price

by david j. on 21/2/2019

1ST Class Plant Thank you

by THOMAS S. on 21/1/2019

Again the size and quality excellent. Well rooted

by Ciaran H. on 6/6/2018

Came very healthy with trong roots and stems, lost a few leaves whilst gettinb acclimated but has started new growth in a week, good service and came fast.

by Sarah G. on 10/5/2018

As always, the plants are in brilliant condition and seem to grow before your eyes. Customer service is impeccable, best online retailer by a long way.

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Hi, I have 2x 24w arcadia plantpro tubes with a reflector in a 100l tank. Can you please advise if you would class this as low, medium or high light.



Hi. It seems that I am not skilled enough to grow this plant. I have tried twice but the leaves turn a bronze red colour and appear tp melt? I am giving my 150litr tank 30mls Neutro and 4mls Neutro CO2 with pressurised CO2. lights are 24watt T5s x 2 with an aquabar 500 at the back centre. Can you advise an easier plant with a reddish tinge for the background? I note that this now labelled SKILLED!!!!


Some red plants can be tricky. I suggest you look at your water distribution and your CO2 levels. You need to make sure these two are spot on. You may also need more Neutro+ that you currently dose, but the rest of your plants might tell you otherwise. If your plant keeps melting it would indicate fluctuating water conditions.

How tall does this one grow?


it can get quite tall - over 30cm

Hi Do you feel that the TMC aqua grow pro 600 twin I got from you will be enough for this plant? The tank is 55cm deep.


Mots likely yes. but there's more to growing plants than just light of course.

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