Alternanthera cardinalis Variegata

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Alternanthera cardinalis Variegata is a fine-looking bushy, stem plant with sturdy red/purple stems and long, pointy attractive leaves. It originates from South America and needs plenty of light to develop the red/purple leaves. With the addition of CO2 this plant will grown up to 50cm in height. If there is a lack of micro nutrients this plant will suffer and the leaves will become pale in colour.

This engaging plant will bring instant vibrancy and colour to your aquarium. As with all stem plants grow in groups of two and up. A beautiful yet slightly demanding plant.

A beautiful plant which is growing well.

by SC D.
I've ordered these twice now, quick delivery great plants.

by Andrew B.
Top service as usual. These make a really nice colour feature and offset the greenery beautifully. They've doubled in size since receipt and look very healthy.

by peter r.
Excellent plant, healthy, robust and delivery was speedy

by Caroline W.
Lovely plants, great colour. Thriving.

by SC D.
Great plants, arrived quickly and in very good condition. Wouldn't hesitate to buy again.

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Would the alternanthera lilacina be ok I keep discus at 86 degrees not sure if this is far to hot for this plant, have a lot of green healthy plants and wanted to add some colour, I use seachem flourish have t5 tubes 2 day and 2 nature, lights are on for 7hrs any advice appreciated steve


It's worth a punt Steve. Might be ok at that temp.

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