Alternanthera cardinalis

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  • Dimensions: up to 50cm
  • Model: P2020035
  • Origin: South America
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Alternanthera cardinalis is a fine-looking bushy, stem plant with sturdy red/purple stems and long, pointy attractive leaves. It originates from South America and needs plenty of light to develop the red/purple leaves. With the addition of CO2, this plant will grow up to 50cm in height. If there is a lack of micronutrients this plant will suffer and the leaves will become pale in colour.

This engaging plant will bring instant vibrancy and colour to your aquarium. As with all stem plants grow in groups of two and up. A beautiful yet slightly demanding plant.

by Lynda N. on 12/4/2021

ALTERNANTHERA CARDINALIS: an excellent small foreground plant with green and red leaves, I split my plant in two washing of the rock wool and replanted into suitable substrate both me and my fish are very happy

by Tarik M. on 31/3/2021

Great quality plant as usual, without co2 it is thriving in my 37 litre aqua one with standard LED light.

by Derek H. on 17/3/2021

Plant arrived in good condition looks great in the aquarium very pleased.

by Heidi H. on 14/3/2021

Beautiful plant, looks lovely and gives a bit of colour against the green plants. Arrived quickly and healthy, thank you!

by Katrin M. on 8/2/2021

The fish loved this plant. It was the first of my purchases to disappear completely. It was very pretty while it lasted.

by Capucine S. on 29/1/2021

Beautiful colour, was so worried it would melt away but even after being shipped over the cold weather, and missing the first delivery (had to be redelivered and it felt like it spent the night in a very cold warehouse), it perked up and haven't lost a single stem. Super quality

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If I was to order this plant what size would be sent to me thanks


At the time of writing about 20cm

Hiya, when are you going to be getting these back in stock? It seems to have been you of stock for yanks.


New stock arrives every Thursday

Brill, I will keep my eye out. Thank you, wonderful service from AE as ever. x

Hi, not a question about this specific plant but could you show me some plants that are from Papua new Guinea as I am looking to set up a biotape ? Thank you


Have a look on

They have a function that allows you to search for plants from regions

Have had a look and its great. Thank You

Are all your plants from tropica


No -mainly from Dutch growers

Hi, just received these last week and in excellent condition - thanks! Would just like to know if you would recommend taking them out of their plastic pots and the yellow stuff that's around their roots? Also, if there is any other basic advice to help keep them healthy? (sorry, new to all this)


Yes remove from pots and remove rockwool.

Don't forget your liquid fertilisers!

Received these plants today and they look great in the tank. I have removed some of the rockwool, but didn't want to damage the roots, is it OK to leave some attached to the plant ?


Sure - it won't hurt

Thanks, great service

This is marked as an apprentice plant, i presume it will do fine in a set up with neutro The and neurto carbon ? 2x 24w lights in 120 litres


Yes - it's easy to grow

Hello I have this plant colour is starting to dull, I've never used a fertiliser what would you recommend? I have snails and shrimp in the tank if this will matter in what to be used to not kill them


Use Neutro T and Neutro CO2 - without decent fertilisers the plants will just fade away and eventually die.

As long as you dose according to the bottle, any live stock is fine.

Super and have just read you dose 100L with 5ml would I do the same with a 68L take or would I dose less?


Pretty much the same

Is this plant safe for all fish/shrimp/snail? Thanks


Yes all our plants are shrimp safe

Have you heard of the leaves of this plant turning a rusty orange? Large amounts of the leaves have done so. I dose neutro t, as per recommended amount, and flourish excell, light on around 7 hours per day. Tanm is.around a month old.


The recommended amount of fertiliser is a guide only. You start at the starting dose and then increase as your plants grow or if they show any deficiencies or any unwanted growth style. Therefore that actual dose always needs to increase as your plants get bigger, demand more food or look unhealthy.

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