5 Piece Aquarium Plant Maintenance Tool Set

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This rather wonderful  5 Piece Tool Set will be a useful edition to any hobbyist who likes to have the right tools for the right job and keep them tidy at the same time. There's something quite satisfying about keeping tools neat in a cabinet don't you think?

Consider this first:

There are other tools on the market sold for less - there's no doubt about that and China is responsible to a degree for a throw away society. Buy it cheap, wait for it to break and then buy it again. This is false economy. We all know the saying below:

"you get what you pay for"

Cheap Chinese imports fall apart, rust and are not designed to last more than a few weeks, maximum. We've even purchased some to test the quality and it's also laughable. There is no comparison and the 5 Piece Tool Set is total quality. The 5 Piece Tool Set is designed to last, be comfortable in your hand, the scissors are sharp, the tweesers nice and springy. You will not find this quality elsewhere and I personally guarantee you that. When you invest in this set you know you're buying the best and you know it won't let you down.

Finished in satin, these tools (each 30cm long) are easy on the eye and effective at the same time. Finished in a black pouch the set consists of:

  • Straight scissors
  • Curved scissors
  • Straight tweesers
  • Curved tweesers
  • Rake

Why 5 tools though?

Each tool has a specific job. For example, the straight scissors are best for tougher background plants with thicker stems; the curved scissors for trimming the foreground. The straight tweesers are best for planting directly into the substrate as the straightness of them means the plant goes is quickly and comes out quickly without disturbing the roots. Use the curved type for picking up debris around the base of plants which are normally hard to reach. The rake is an extremely useful tool which keeps your foreground in shape. Fish and shrimp will move your substrate around and the rake means with a few gentle strokes you can keep the gravel/substrate looking how you like, not how they like ;)


The Aqua Essentials 5 Piece Tool Set is an essential piece of equipment made specifically for planted aquariums. The tools are quality and comfortable to use. It's an investment you won't regret because once you have it, there's no need for any other tools like it.

by Giles M. on 13/9/2019

Looks great and excellent quality!

by Colin S. on 13/3/2019

A comprehensive kit. seems excellent quality

by Mark A. on 20/11/2017

A great quality kit that will be a fantastic addition for every enthusiast.

by Edward W. on 27/10/2017

The carrying case is easily stored ready for use, and the items to be used are just right.

by Bryn S. on 4/7/2017

Great much cheaper than buying them individually. Quality kit that works well and a must for maintaining a planted aquarium, I wish I had bought these sooner.

by john c. on 22/12/2016

Good value for the money

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Hi Rich What is thhe kit made of ? Stainless steel, steel, chrome plated steel, nickel plated steel ? Quality is a kind of vague term ? Brian


Hi Brian the kits are made of stainless steel.

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