3 Hole Coconut with Moss - adds colour and shelter

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The primary function for this Moss Coconut is to provide colour, plant life and shelter into your aquarium.

When the Moss Coconut is placed in an aquarium it will sink straight away and provide immediate impact. The beautiful colour of the moss is very attractive and pleasing on the eye. If you have any shrimp they will immediately take to it as a home and keep it clean by eating any algae that grows on the moss.  A healthy and happy shrimp increases the chances of more shrimp as they are more likely to breed.

It's fascinating to watch the moss grow over time - although it's a slow grower it requires little maintenance. What's more it is accepting of a broad range of water conditions and temperatures making it ideal for any one new into this hobby. Lighting can be very low or very high. Moss can be trimmed with scissors and this will allow the shape to be maintained.  The holes in this coconut means it will quickly be adopted by shrimp or fish as their new home :)

The Moss Coconut makes an ideal addition to any planted aquarium or indeed anyone who is interested in adding a bit of colour to their tank but are unsure how to grow plants.

It's also a must have for anyone who wants to keep and breed shrimp and this Moss Coconut will become a home before you know it.

A must have for all Shrimp Keepers!

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by Rick B.
It arrived in great condition and the shrimps were on it in minutes, however 2 weeks on the moss is starting to break off and looks like its breaking down, I do run o2 and feed heavy due to the numbers of other live plants so not sure if thats the issue.

by andrew a.
looked as in picture ....great!

by Deborah C.
Pleased with this purchase. Seems pricey at first but when you consider it is a plant and decor/cave in one item it is actually very reasonable. Been in my small new tank for a week and seems to be doing well, already showing signs of growth. Great addition to a small tank as it does 2 jobs in one. A few very small pieces of the moss floated off when I was arranging it in the tank but I was happy to just let them settle and see what happens.

by Michael V.
A lot smaller than I thought it would be. A lot of the moss ends up in my filter inlet but I think that's due to my clown loaches having a nibble. My baby pleco loves hiding in here.

by Sandra C.
Love these. Have bought five now for two of my tanks. Very compact growth, unlike some of the mosses I've bought which have grown in a candy-floss fashion.

by Aiga H.
Its already growing after 3 weeks in aquarium.... looks lovely

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would this be large enough for Ram cichlids?


possibly! I'm sure they could squeeze in :)

Mine just arrived looking very poor with lots of brown Squeezed into a thin box and flattened on top no bubble wrap or anything to protect it in transit Is this product ( coconut shell) safe to put in a coldwater tank


Yes it's safe for use in any aquarium. Generally no protective packaging is required on coconuts as they are robust travellers.

What moss is used on this?


Generally it's java moss but not always - depends what growers have available

After about a week in my newly set up so far fishless tank there seems to be some little plants growing in the moss they are very small and at the top of the thin light green stem there are 2 small round leaves. The majority of these are on the coconut moss but there are 2 little plantlets growing in the substrate. Just wondering what they are, if this is normal and if it is something I need to worry about? Thanks


We often see them with smaller plantlets.

just pull them off as they're not desirable- harmless but you want you want the moss to be dominant

How quick does it take for products to restock ? And roughly, how big are the holes


Not sure as growers have been out of stock for weeks now

holes are about 25mm wide

Would this be big enough for an axolotl hide? Or would the bamboo you sell be big enough?


depends on the size of axolotl - so possibly

Would this be big enough for a betta fish?


You mean for sheltering? Quite posibly.

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