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Colombo Flora-Base Brown 10 Litres

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Colombo Flora Base is a complete substrate which doesn't require topping. This means it is designed to be used on its own in a planted aquarium and contains all the nutrients it needs to start your planted aquarium.

Designed and made in Japan, it's exported to the UK because of its quality and affordability. Manufactured in the same manner as other complete substrates, the soil is baked and rolled into small pellets that make planting easy. The pellets are sized 3-4mm approximately which is an ideal size not just for anchoring down plants but also for allowing for circulation of oxygen and nutrients below the substrate. This makes it very different from a gravel for example that won't allow that type of water movement. In the smaller 2.5L bags, the pellet size is around 1mm making it ideal for smaller aquariums or using to add to the foreground for example.

Flora Base will change your water pH to approximately 6.5 which means it's ideal for plants - they love an acidic type of water and this is exactly what this substrate does. It also means no matter what your tap water pH is (hard or soft) you don't need to use any chemicals for altering your pH. As a result some hobbyists use this substrate for discus.

The shape and texture of Flora Base allows debris to be trapped within and your water will remain clearer for longer. It also is suitable for keeping freshwater shrimp which also love acidic waters. Due to its porous nature it will store excess nutrients in that water making it available for plants and their roots.

When using this substrate for the first time, we recommend you empty your tank of water first before placing the substrate in. This will allow for super clear water from the beginning. When you do fill up, do so slowly to avoid disturbing it. Another tip is when planting, you should always use the method of 'dry planting'. What this means is:

  1. place your substrate into your empty aquarium first
  2. then add any rocks and wood - take your time positioning them as they will be key for your aquascape
  3. add 2" of water so that your substrate is damp and sticky
  4. using a pair of tweesers, insert your plants carefully (remembering to split each pot into about 6 plants)
  5. take your time - it's not a race!
  6. because the substrate is tacky, you can move plants about as much as you need without disturbing it
  7. use a Flora Base 2.5L bag for placing around the base of rocks/wood. This is a powder type and offers a smoother more natural looking transition as the granules are very small (about 1mm diameter)
  8. when you are happy slowly fill with water

If you follow the above directions you'll have a great looking aquascape.

We recommend 10L of Flora Base per 60L of water and this product is available in black or brown.

Date Added: 03/08/2013 by Annette Burke

Delivered as ordered, on time. Will happily order from Aqua essentials again.

Date Added: 12/12/2012 by Mark Goldswain

superb soil at a great price from the best shop on the net

Date Added: 03/12/2012 by Janine Pannett

A very good substrate, hopefully worth the slightly higher price tag than other products.

Date Added: 16/10/2012 by Bradford Jardine

Great product and looks great in the tank. A little light in being able to hold plants down so don't trim your roots to much.

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Hey there, My PH is arod 6.2- 6.5 alrady. If I added this would it drop my PH even lower or will it not effect the PH.

Initially it may drop it a little then reset to 6.8

So what you're saying is it wont drop it but rather rise the PH Level?

The soil will adjust your pH to about 6.8

Hi,I'm baffled by the previous answer,so could you tell me what effect it would have on a new tank filled with tap water ph 7.5 -lease


it will drop the pH to probably 6ish and then over the next few weeks stabilise at about 6.8. Then that's where it will stay.

Some substrates contain ammonia to allow fishless cycling does this or any other substrate you offer have ammonia for fishless cycling. Wayne

You would need to use Eco Complete or Seachem Flourites

Three questions please... Do you need to rinse prior to use, does it require changing in the future and will it cloud the water from my ever digging Cory's?


you don't need to rinse it but overtime if fish start taking digging it maybe become dusty, but don't let that put you off because this really is a fantastic product.

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